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Bellissimo Traction Control, LLC

In partnership with Bellissimo Stoneworks and Designs, Bellissimo Traction Control, LLC provides anti-slip etching, refinishing, and deep-cleaning services. As a licensed distributor for all of Hawaii, we offer safeguarding and refinishing services to the Maui community. Whether you need to reseal around a kitchen sink or add anti-slip etching in your bathroom, we have the proper equipment and materials to get the job done right.

Anti-slip etching services

Our anti-slip services offer a greater sense of safety when stepping onto a wet tile or stone surface. Instead of coating the surface in an anti-slip gel that can wear off over time, we use tools that etch unnoticeable seams into the stone, adding traction to the surface to prevent slips and falls. The added safety of this service is a protection plan you shouldn’t ignore.

Deep-cleaning tile & stone

Stone and grout collect grime over time, which can make it difficult to maintain the look and feel of your stone and tile work. We offer deep cleaning for tile, stone, and grout that is guaranteed to restore the appearance of even your oldest stone surfaces. Our professional cleaners bring detail-oriented, delicate, and trustworthy services to every indoor and outdoor surface of your home.

Dry-Treat™ resealing

We use a top-of-the-line sealer called Stain-Proof™ from the company Dry-Treat™. This product contains amazing molecular qualities that actually change the density of the stone, creating a longer-lasting floor. This product creates an amazing stain-resistant seal for stone and grout, so they maintain a cleaner look for a longer period of time. With our service, you can easily restore the look of any living space.

Deep-cleaning tile & stone

Our deep cleaning process restores your stone and tile work to it’s original state. Our professional cleaners bring detail-oriented, delicate, and trustworthy services to every indoor and outdoor surface of your home.

Maintenance program with
extended warranty
At Bellissimo Traction Control, we offer a five-year maintenance program with an extended five-year warranty on all tile and stone products and materials. This program includes a comprehensive inspection of the stone surface every six months at a flat price. We will assess the area for cracked or damaged grout and ensure the seal is secure.

When you join this maintenance program, your standard two-year warranty extends to the length of your maintenance program contract, ensuring your stone and tile remain in top shape for as long as possible. We will happily fix cracks and damages to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

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